Tell your story

Last night while going through my basket of “gifts” that I collect all year for birthdays etc…, I  found this great sign that I actually bought a few months ago.  I hung it up in my bathroom so that I will see it every day, as a reminder to tell my story more…in pictures, the written word, art, journaling, or just telling my story to whoever would like to hear it.

Each one of us has an incredible story to tell. I hope by seeing this photo, you will also be inspired to tell your story, however, messy and complicated it may be. The more complicated, the better!  If you’d like our help telling your story, we’d be happy to help you spread it however you choose.

Tell your story
Tell your story

New Year…New Vision…New You!

#49 – Create a Vision Board to attract what you truly desire this year

I am an avid reader of all kinds of magazines. I not only subscribe to at least 5 magazines myself but my friends recycle their magazines by sharing them with me when they come over or I go to their houses for a visit.

Since it’s a new year, I decided to make a personal Vision Board with some friends on a cold Sunday afternoon.  In anticipation of all the great changes I’m planning on making this year, I organized a fun day at my house with some friends to create personal Vision Boards.  We tore, cut and organized photos from all of those magazines that I’ve been meaning to recycle.  My friends are much more organized and faster than I am though, so they actually finished their boards.  I, on the other hand, have an envelope full of great pics, quotes and inspiring words that I am planning on gluing onto my very own vision board soon.  Just not quite yet.  I’m still in search of a few perfect photos.  I want to make sure that I capture everything I truly desire before I cement my wishes to the universe on a poster board that will hang in a very visible spot that I will see every day for the rest of the year. Mine is a work in progress that I plan to add to as the year progresses.  I’m always growing and therefore a “work in progress” too, so I thought having space to grow on my board was ok.  It’s my vision, after all, so I can do what I like with my personal board.

If you are feeling stuck or would like to open your heart to new desires, creating a vision board by yourself or with some friends might be just what the doctor ordered.  It was a lot of fun.  I highly recommend this activity. It would also be a great team building activity at school or even on a professional level; if your team has lost it’s focus or just needs to redefine goals or strategy.  If you are a manager with direct reports, why not ask your team members to make a smaller vision board of how they see your team’s vision and then share & discuss at your next staff meeting?  It might bring some great ideas to the surface, open the dialogue for things that need to be redefined or changed and also re-energize/motivate your team.  I bet this would a staff meeting that won’t be soon forgotten!?!

If you aren’t sold on Vision Boards yet, check out these sites that will give you some background on Vision Boards and also give some guidance about how to create one for yourself:


It's easy, just use stuff you already have at home.

Holiday Decorating Ideas…on a budget!

#55 – Budget Holiday Decorations…

A co-worker of mine is a fantastic holiday decorator and with her help, we transformed our office space into a Holiday Wonderland.  Her decorating skills on a budget inspired me to give you some holiday decorating ideas that you can do on a budget.  The decorating that we did at the office has put me…personally…in the “holiday spirit”.  I actually love coming to work in the morning and seeing all of the great decorations.  It makes me happy and excited at the thought of spending time with loved ones in a couple of weeks.

So…you’re thinking…that’s great, but just tell us how to do it already!  One of my favorite things that we did was to use wrapping paper in different colors (that we got at the Dollar Store, Target or Walmart) and then take framed art work that was hanging on the wall and wrap them like presents with a ribbon around them and a big bow with a plain ornament hanging off the middle of the bow with a paper clip.  The art in the room looks like gifts haning on the wall and really finished the room when we were done decorating with white lights (that we wrapped around pillars – in the office) and different colored ornaments that we hung from the ceiling tiles with paper clips. 

At home, if you have a dropped ceiling, you could do this…just prop the tiles up one at a time and use paperclips (you have to bend them to secure them to the ceiling tile frames) to hang the ornaments on (better if you tie nylon thread or string to the end of the ornament to attach to the paper clip and secure) at different lengths to create a really cool ceiling look. 

Go to the Dollar Store, Walmart or Target and pick ups a couple rolls of contrasting holiday wrapping paper, some wide wired ribbon in one color that goes with both papers, and a package of different colored ornaments that goes with or is contrasting to the paper you choose…at Walmart & Target…they have boxes with two to three different contrasting colored ornaments that you can buy for $15 to $20.  If  that is out of your budget for this year or you’ve already decorated but like this idea, put it on your list for your after Christmas shopping and get everything you need for next year’s decorating at 50% to 60% off. 

Another great decorating idea for the holidays is to use a large vase or hurricane and put two to three different colors of ornaments in the vase/hurricane and use it as centerpiece or in a corner of a room, if the vase is large enough. This looks very elegant and is also a favorite of Little Miss Idea.

I love how festive the office looks and am excited that we did it on a budget.  I couldn’t wait to share it with you.  Happy Holidays!

More Art ideas…beauty should be shared…right?

Back to the Art topic…a topic dear to my heart for many reasons…

#84 – Turning your Art into Prints, postcards, note-cards or magnets & selling them at craft fairs, farmer’s markets, holiday bazaar’s, websites or even at local gift shops…

There are sites out there that will turn your art into printed materials and possibly also drop ship them to your customers for you.  You will need to have high quality digital photos of any pieces that you might like to turn into prints, postcards, note-cards, magnets, t-shirts or caps.  If you don’t have a good digital camera, ask a friend to help you take photos of your pieces.  This will also help you inventory all of your art and will be helpful with another idea that I’ll share soon.

“Giclées”: Giclée (commonly pronounced “zhee-clay”) is the method used to turn high end art into lower priced prints or note cards.  Check with local print shops and see if they are able to do this and get a few quotes.   Don’t go with the first one you find, shop around for the best price and quality of what you are printing on.  It usually costs less per print or card to do more.  So if you are planning on selling more than a few, it would be a better deal to order say 100 instead of 25.  Especially if you are going to sell your note-cards, prints or magnets on sites like Etsy, Ebay or your own site.  Don’t forget to ask local gift stores if they’d like to carry your art wares…they might sell them on consignment, it’s worth an ask.

Check out Zazzle & Vista Print.  They do more than business cards and window decals.  How cool would it be to sell note cards, magnets or T-shirts that have your own handmade art on them?  Zazzle may even drop ship so you don’t have to store/stock inventory.  Just an idea for those of  you who are artsy, creative or photographers and are looking for another way to get your masterpieces out to the public.  Maybe someone can’t afford to buy the original painting, but would love to buy the print, note card or magnet and as long as you keep the prices reasonable, you might be pleasantly surprised by how many smaller items you sell.  Every penny counts these days, so cheers to selling your art in many different ways!

A Quick note about places to display your Art or Photos

I was just at a great local Day Spa (Ciao Bella in Littleton, CO) earlier today where I noticed they display local artists and photographer’s photo’s in their relaxation area. I thought “that is a GREAT idea.!”..what a great place to get exposure for your art or photos, especially if they are nature themed, peaceful or tranquil.  It’s worth asking your local Day Spa to display and help you sell your art and what a great way to collaborate with other local businesses.

A special note about Ciao Bella Day Spa in Littleton, for my Colorado followers.  They have a great 50/50 deal on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  You can get a custom facial or massage for $50 or a fun questions to ask your boyfriend combination of both for $100.  The Spa is lovely and very relaxing and my services were superb.  I highly recommend trying them out, especially if you can get away on a Tuesday or Wednesday for such a great deal!